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History security museum
Tourists can see the important historical events and life style of Korea.
  The castle of Hwajinpo(Kim llseong's summer house) : A missionary couple asked
A missionary couple asked a German political exile and architect, Beber to build it and it was built in 1938. Kim ilseong and his family used it as a summer house from 1948, which was two years Korean War. This is a two-story building with a basement but was damaged during the war. It was restored in March, 2005.
  Leeseungman’s summer house
Leeseungman's villa, the first president, was built in 1954, and in 1961 it was ruined and removed. However, in July 1999, the army rebuilt it like the original and managed it as a pavilion with the contributed 53 articles left by the departing of his family.
  Leegibung’s summer house
It was built in 1920s by foreign missionaries and preserved until today. It was used as a recreation facility by executives of the North Korean communists party right after the liberation, and from the time of truce, Park Maria, wife of the vice-president of the time, Leegibung, used it as a private villa. It was repaired to a museum in July, 1999.
all through the year Open hours : 09:00~17:30, 09:00~18:00(7.15~8.20)
Adults ₩2,000
Students ₩1,000
Hwajinpo History security museum 82-33-680-3359
Hwajinpo Tourist Information center 82-33-680-3677
Take a local bus from Sokcho express terminal to Tongil-Jeonmangdae stop Hwajinpo(about 1hour)